IOT Devices

IOT Devices and Products

JakinID has an enormous affair and a tremendous arrangement of items and administrations. We can help you interface systems to accomplish unparalleled efficiencies and expanded profitability, with lower hazard. Together with our technology accomplices, we can help you utilize propelled information investigation and another type of intelligent applications, to promote employee’s efficiency while upgrading security.

You can choose from below IOT products and devices to implement the solutions per the Solutions section which has links to all products mentioned.

Stationary long range reader

Stationary long range reader (High Sensitivity)

Passive long range reader

UHF card

UHF Combo Card

UHF Vehicle Tag

ACTA3 Mobile Unit

Acta3 Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Device

Acta3 Fingerprint + Smartcard

Acta3 Smartcard -EM

Acta3 Smartcard – HID iClass

Acta3 Smartcard – HID Proximity

Acta3 Smartcard – MIFARE®

Acta3 Smartcard – CEPAS

IP Smartcard Reader – EM

IP Smartcard Reader – HID iClass

IP Smartcard Reader – HID Proximity

IP Smartcard Reader – MIFARE®


Barcode Units

ADA compliance mounting bracket

Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS)

External I/O Box

Access Manager Suite

Smart Time

Middleware Agent 2


ID-Video Software Suite

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Door Strike

Contactless Push Button

Exit Push Button

Break Glass

EM Lock

Magnetic Strip Reader

Barcode Slot Reader

WiFi Adapter/Router

3G GSM / WiFi Gateway Modem

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