Third Party Time Attendance Software and Solution

Third Party Time Attendance Software and Solution

Biometrics Fingerprint Time Attendance

Jakin ID’s Fingerprint Time Attendance Solution is a fully integrated and automated solution starting from recording punch data for generating reports or payroll integration.

Jakin ID has worked with some third party biometrics time attendance software engineers on account of its open improvement stage. The Jakin ID Access Manager SOAP API SDK (Software Development Kits) permits software sellers to modify and create enterprise level applications for some vertical markets today.

A hefty portion of our product accomplices utilize our award winning Jakin ID equipment to cater for the Fingerprint Time Attendance market with elements of:

Giving exact Employee time stamp data progressively.

Software capacity to scale with various units allowing log information to be exchanged and synchronized between the terminals and the central server.

Alternatively Jakin ID Middleware integration with third party software permits adaptability to utilize proven technologies, for example, Jakin ID Agent to trade exchange information from the terminals to a PC based server.

Jakin ID Access Manager SOAP API permits designers to modify capacities and upgrade the ability of the Jakin ID terminals, for example, rostering and planning.

Adaptability to cater software for some input formats, for example, Smart Cards, Key Tags and Optical Biometrics Fingerprint technologies which are suited to the clients requirements.

Wired and Wireless Networking usefulness opens new capability of arrangement adaptability and availability over complex sites.

Jakin ID database exporting facilities permits incorporation with numerous mainstream payroll software to ascertain labour costs and work hours.

The installation diagram appeared above is only a case of how software merchants can actualize their bespoke Biometrics Time Attendance solution. Numerous Jakin ID units are sent with special IP location to a nearby system of a remote site. Exchange information is traded and matched up utilizing either Jakin ID’s middleware solutions or the Software seller’s bespoke API taking into account the Jakin ID Access Manager SOAP API to the central server over the Internet. Data is put away on the HQ server where senior directors and heads can break down execution and profitability of every remote site to arrange and distribute more assets effectively in the future.


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