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Do you have the quick notes about the AMS software installation ,and the device registration steps?


Yes,please kindly check the below quick notes about the AMS software installation.

AMS server side: 
1.Make sure that the MS SQL database was installed ready.
2.Make sure that the MS IIS features and its sub-features were installed ready.
3.Click [setup.exe] from AMS installation package to start to install AMS software.
4.Once the installation was finished,the AMS Login page will display.Please provide us the AMS Product Key so that we can help generate the AMS Activation Key to unlock the Login page. (User name:admin,Password:1)
5.Go to [Control Panel]->[Database Configuration] to enter the MS SQL server info..See below as an example.
  • Database Type:SQL Server
  • Database Server address:PC name\SQLEXPRESS
  • User name: sa
  • Password:xxx
    Note:You can run  [SQL Server Management Studio] to check the above SQL server's Login info. 
6.Click [Setup] button to create new AMS database.
7.Go to [Server Setup] ,and enter the below AMS server info..See below as an example.


  • Terminal Group:AMS
  • Time Zone: GMT+8 Singapore
  • Magic String:1234
8.Click [Setup] button to finish AMS Server Setup.
9.Go to PC/Server's Firewall settings to allow port 80 (default MS IIS port) for inbound/outbound data transfer.Or turn the firewall off.
10.Once it was done,the AMS server side was ready.
ACTAtek3 or IP reader device side: 
1.Login to device's web ui,go to [Terminal Clock] to setup the date/time.
2.Go to [Terminal Setup] to enable the device to run under [Access Manager] mode.
3.Go to [Access Client Setup] to enter the device's [Endpoint URL] like below one.
http://IP of AMS PC(server)/accessserver/accessservice.asmx
4.Click [Set] button ,and then [Register]button so that the device will start to register with AMS. 
5.Once the registration process was finished,go to [Terminal List] to see the Event Logs sending status.If the server list was not there or the Event Logs show "fail to send".Please check below.
A.Click [Add] or [1] ,and then enter or double check the below server side's [Endpoint URL].
http://IP of AMS PC(server)/accessserver/agentservice.asmx
B.Enter Magic(password):1234 ,and then click [Submit].
C.The Event Logs will start to re-send to AMS database.
6.Once the device was registered with AMS,and the device's event logs were sending successfully,you can continue to do the same for other registered devices.After that,you were good to go,and can Login to AMS to manage all registered devices or generate the reports.
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