IoT devices and accessories

All our flagship Actatek series of IoTs come with a keypad and following built-in options: different RFID readers (HiD, Mifare, EM, DesFire, CEPAS and more), facial, fingerprint, CMOS camera, POE, Wi-Fi, IP intercom, GPS and 3G modules. The IoTs also support barcode, QR code and magnetic stripe cards with an additional software patch by connecting the readers to the Com port at the back of the device. A combo unit which have the biometrics, RFID and CMOS camera will give the user an all-in-one video surveillance, access control and time clock at the front door. All units can also deliver a 12VDC at max 400 mA for the door strike! So, with the POE, all you need is just one Cat 5/6 cable to wire the device and door strike with the IT network!

We also have an entry level IoT, IP Reader, supporting only the different kind of RFID readers.

Multiple Actatek IoTs can either form a master/client configuration with one of the IoT being the master with control of all other units or being managed by the AMS to be accessed and administrated using any web-browser. The IP-Readers can only be managed by the AMS. However, one can mix the Actatek IoTs and the IP Reader in a network setting.