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How can I make ACTA3 become Wireless connection?


We do offer a wireless adapter which you can find more information at:

WIFI signal varies with hardware and environment.

Setting this up:
First you will need to configure the WIFI adapter to be in client mode and enter in the SSID and WIFI password by connecting it via USB to your computer. Save these settings and then try connecting the WIFI adapter's Ethernet to your own laptop's Ethernet port. If the WIFI Adapter successful connects on to the WIFI router on site, your laptop will have internet connection.

Afterwords, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable to the Laptop and connect it to ACTA3 .

Keep in mind the farther away from the the WIFI router, a lower link quality will be observed.
If you are out of range of the WIFI network, the WIFI adapter will not be able to connect to the WIFI Router.

I hope this clarifies the set up procedure to make ACTA3 become Wireless connection.

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