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How to enable SNMP for ACTA3?


ACTA3 with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)


As ACTA3 is web embedded server system, it is always important for customers to monitor and track the system status constantly to make sure each ACTAtek device is working properly.

So this article will guide you how to enable ACTAtek device's SNMP services so that it will allows the 3rd party SNMP software to monitor the data flow and traffic status of each ACTA3 to determine whether there are any abnormal activities.

Simply, what the client will need is to purchase the SNMP enable patch file ,and then upload it to the device via Firmware Upgrade page. 

ACTA3 is using SNMP Version 3 (Which requires only user name/password).   If your SNMP monitoring system is using SNMP v1 or v2, which use community string, It is not compatible with ACTA3 SNMP service. Hence, please make sure you have the correct monitoring software that supports SNMP v3.

Once the client successfully apply the SNMP enable patch file into ACTA3, the web interface will come up with new options for the client to configure it.See the below as an example.


After that,the client can run SNMP tester software e.g.Paessler SNMP Tester to debug the ACTA3's SNMP configuration settings.See the below as an example.

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