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How to enable the device's Remote Syslog function?


Step1. The client can Google for free 3rd party's Syslog server tools software such as Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition.


Step2. After running the software,please also make sure that the PC/Server's UDP port 514 was set to allow for the firewall settings.


Step3. Once done,Login to ACTAtek device's [Syslog] webpage to enable [Remote Syslog] function,and also enter the Syslog server's IP address where the 3rd party's Syslog server software was installed. And then click [Submit] to make the changes affect.See the below screenshot file as an example.

Step4.After that,the client can open the 3rd party's Syslog server software to view the device's system log entries.See the below screenshot file as an example.




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