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Access control 


Our Biometrics, RFID IoTs fit well with all entrances: doors, gates, turnstiles, carpark barriers etc, regardless it’s for the security deposit box, access control, video surveillance or integration with all of them. It can be installed to suit all businesses:


1. Stand-alone installation: Plug the IoT to your network, connecting to the electric door strike which can also be powered by the device if needed. Simply use any web-browser just like internet banking to manage users, browse reports and device administration etc


2. Master/Client set up: You can connect up to 10 units within your network without any computers! All user attributes and event logs are synchronized to the Master unit.


3. Enterprise scale installation: All units can be pointed to the AMS cloud application platform with both applications for access control and workforce management applications. The AMS takes care of everything!




1. All-in-one CCTV, Intercom and door bell biometrics, RFID, IoT securing access to all the entrances, throw away the keys and making a huge saving in managing and issuing the keys!

2. Access control of all entrances with individual or group access rights in terms of time and door access!

3. All-in-one video surveillance, access control and time clock for main and all doors!

4. Support legacy RFID cards, no need to reissue the cards!

5. Offers POE and power to the strikes using just the Cat5/6 cable, saving all the costs of cables and cabling!

6. Wiegand out allows integration back to any traditional control panel.

7. Online maintenance saving expensive manpower and on-site visits!

8. Double up as a time clock for workforce management for free!


Our SOAP based API/SDK allows integration to Oracle, SQL, SAP, Azure SQL, Google Drive etc, please check below link:


Introduction Videos


Unlike Traditional access control products, our devices are IoTs connecting directly to the internet and can work online and off-line so that no one gets stuck behind the door:


Meanwhile, please view our ACTA3 IoT device and the private cloud software AMS video in the below links:



Video Surveillance

You can chose an IoT with CMOS camera which acts as a CCTV outputting the video to both a monitor and DVR for recording. We also offer the ID-Video software which takes a recording before and after each authentication as part of the event log.


IP Intercom


The IoT can also has IP intercom as an option talking to apps on your mobile phone.


Car parks, turnstiles, gates and perimeter control


The IoTs can be used to control all the vehicles entry to car parks, turnstiles, gates, and perimeters


Visitor Management


All visitors can be issued with temporary credential with pre-determined hours or access and other access rights by RFID cards, biometrics or PIN.


Workforce Management


Time Attendant

For standalone units, there are time attendance reports available including total working hours. One can also use our free TA software for general time attendance applications managing 10s of IoTs.

The AMS cloud platform with both workforce management and access control applications can generate many time attendance reports, shift management, job-codes etc to suit the need of large enterprises.



Our IoTs can output event logs directly to Google Cloud for payroll integration.

The AMS API and our other API allows integration to any databases such as Oracle, SAP, SQL, Azure SQL and any payroll software.

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