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May we have guidelines about how to install and use ACTAtek Temsen?

Please refer to the below guidelines for your reference.
1. Make sure that ACTAtek Temsen  is installed at a proper height  so that User's forehead can cover its IR sensor detection area.
The attached file is an example that User's forehead can not cover the sensor area of ACTAtek Temsen so that it fails to detect User's body temperature. To solve this problem,please kindly guide the User to use their wrist instead.
See the YouTube link

2. Make sure that the User keeps maintaining the distance of about 10-20 CM when taking their body temperature value with forehead.
In summary,the below are 1-2-3 steps for using Facial,and Temsen together:
Please ensure to do the facial recogntion first,and then use wrist or forehead to be read by Temsen for User's body temperature.
1.Stand in front of the device at one step distance so as to avoid the Temsen to read the wrong value of User's body temperature. 
2.Face still at the device's camera to proceed the facial recognition(*blue rectangle). Once it is successful ,the device will display "Wait For Body Temperature" message.
3. Once you see the message,please now move closer to the Temsen to take User's body temperature value thorugh either the wrist or the forehead (<20 cm). You will hear a beep sound after it is reading,and then good to go. 


When ACTAtek Temsen is detecting an 'object' e.g.forehead, wrist covered at its IR sensor detection area,you can see that there is a steady green light (detected) together with a beep sound to start to measure User's body temperature after their access  at the device. 
Therefore,if you can not see a steady green light together with a beep sound,please try to access the device again. 

temsen_height.jpg temsen_height.jpg

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