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How to use ACTAtek device's "Add User Record " function for the employees to remotely clock IN/OUT?


Scenario:The customer with a mixture of remote and local workforce is looking for the ability to clock IN or OUT (or any other event) remotely.

With ACTAtek device's “Add User Record” function, the customer can remotely manage all the clocking IN/OUT time records at ACTAtek device. Where entering the Login ID and Password and clicking on “IN” or “Out”, the device will create the appropriate event log entry for the employee. After that,


Step1. Open your browser,and then enter the device's IP address to access its Login page.


Step2.Click 'Add User Record' link,and then enter your employee User ID at "Login ID",and your "Login Password" . Select "IN" or "OUT" or other Event ID ,and then click "Add" button to finish the remote clocking records.

Step3.Once done,the customer can Login as super administrator ,an then go to [View Event Log] page to check the remote clocking records.


View/download demo video link

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