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How can I limit the access for the Users who can access the certain device at the specific time only?


Once the device was registered with AMS software ready,the device's [Access Group/Rights] settings will be ported over to AMS Web UI to do the configuration.

The below were the step-by-step guides to teach the customer about how to create a Visitor Access Group as an example,and its Access Right to allow them to access the certain device from 9 AM to 6 PM (Monday to Friday) only.


Step1. Login to AMS [Add/Edit/Delete Department]page to add new Department name called 'Visitor' 


Step2. Go to AMS [Add/Edit/Delete Access Group] page to add new Access Group called 'Visitor'.


Step3.Go to AMS [Add Access Right]page to select the new created [Visitor/Visitor] Access Group.


Step4. Select which Terminal will be added the new Access Right to it.

Step5.Enable the allow access's Day & Time,and then click [Modify Time] button.

Step6.Enter the new Access Right name called 'Visitor',and then click [Add] button .

Step7.Go to AMS [View/Edit User]page to click [Edit] button for those Users who will need to re-assign to the above new created Access Group .

Step8.Uncheck the default [General/General Staff] access group,and then check the [Visitor/Visitor] access group,and then click [Update] button.


Step9. Done! The "User ID:168" will now only allow to access the device (ACTAtek/00111DA04777) from 9 AM to 6 PM (Monday to Friday).The client can edit the same setting for other User IDs.



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