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AMS Facial Finger Print Self-Enrollment (Remote Enrollment)


AMS Facial Finger Print Self-Enrollment  (Remote Enrollment)


Accurately enrolling and verifying a person’s identity is essential, and made all the easier through biometrics. Onboarding new users, visitors, Contractors, customers and employees is a critical function for many privet and government sectors.

AMS facial fingerprint enrollment function saves time, improves convenience, and ensures a positive, simple user experience for employees. This can be use Whether your employee is migrating to face recognition from another access credential, a first-time enrollment, or simply bringing employees back to work in-person

In order to use the AMS Self Enrollment, feature the admin needs to make sure the ACTAtek device is associated with a particular department.


AMS Associate Terminal Department: -https://localhost/AccessManager/ACTAtekAccessManager/frmTerminalDept.aspx


Then go to the AMS View/Edit user page and click on edit.  Select the self-enrollment tab from the user edit user screen. Now the admin can select the Terminal ID and the Access Method and then select the Request Self-Enrollment to send out the Facial / Fingerprint enrollment request to the remote location ACTAtek device where the employee (user) working.


Now the employee can standby in front of the ACTAtek device to capture their Face or Fingerprint and complete the biometric enrollment 


NOTE:- When the AMS is hosted in a privet/public cloud, The ACTATEK devices can receive the AMS face/fingerprint self-enrollment requests over the internet.



AMS-View-Edit-User-Screen.png AMS-View-Edit-User-Screen.png
AMS-Self-Enrollment-Request.png AMS-Self-Enrollment-Request.png

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