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What are the requirements for AMS/AMS SaaS server?
Please check the attached files for more information.
AMS compatibility information
Access Manager Suite software compatibility information:  
Do you have the quick notes about the AMS software installation ,and the device registration steps?
Yes,please kindly check the below quick notes about the AMS software installation.
Do you have any quick guide about how to install Access Manager Suite?
Preparation:   * O.S.:Windows 7 pro. SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 or above version was required.   * .Net Framework: .Net 3.5.1 Framework features enable ready. Also,.Net Framework 4.0 was installed ...
We had an issue on installing .net 3.5.1 on windows server 2008 O.S.. So may we know this OS support .net and AMS?
Yes,the AMS software was using Microsoft VS 2012 to develop it,and our R&D engineer was also testing it under Windows Server 2008 O.S..    Besides,please make sure tha
How to install AMS software under Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter O.S.?
Please make sure that the IIS features,and its subfeatures were installed ready before clicking AMS 'setup.exe' to continue to install the AMS software.See the below step-by-step instructions as an ex...
May we know about how to configure AMS to support the encrypted SSL communication?
Please kindly check the attachment file for more information.
Our company had blocked port 80.So how can we change the AMS port to make the device register with it?
For your information,AMS was hosted  at MS IIS web server,and the default port of IIS server was 80.  
If we are using more than 150 terminals, we may need 2 servers, in this case, can one device be connected to 2 servers? Is the limitation of 150 terminals due to the SDK/API? Can it increased?
The AMS 150 registered devices' limitation was related to the server side's performance . If the customer had more than 150 devices ,they can configure some devices to  register with AMS no.1 se...
AMS server is asking for a new activation key, can you explain why?
For your information,the AMS's Product Key was generated from PC's Mac Address. So if the client had migrated the AMS installation to the  new PC,the AMS Product Key will be changed again due to...
Why do I receive the message-"Your support will expire in XX days" or "Support has expired please contact your vendor" after I Login to AMS?
To your concern regarding support is expiring in XX days or "Support has expired please contact your vendor" message in AMS. This is a message to alert the end user that their warranty for their A
After the device was registered with AMS,I did not see any Event Logs sending to AMS.What can I do?
      Please double check the device's [Terminal List] webpage to see if  the [Server List] is empty .If the answer was yes,it will be the root cause that  the registered device does not know where to...
Is there any way that I can manually re-send the Event Logs back to AMS database?
Step1.Login to device's [Terminal List] page. Step2.Click No. 1  Server List to modify the EndPoint URL.
How to configure the registered device for IN trigger only or OUT trigger only device?
Please follow the below steps about how to configure the registered device for IN trigger only as an example.   Step1.Login to AMS [Edit Trigger] page to select the registered device which will be IN ...
How can I limit the access for the Users who can access the certain device at the specific time only?
Once the device was registered with AMS software ready,the device's [Access Group/Rights] settings will be ported over to AMS Web UI to do the configuration. The below were the step-by-step guides to ...
When adding the new users at the registered device,I got the "Add New User Failed" or "Server Inactive" message? How to resolve it?
Regarding the "Add New User Failed" or "Server Inactive" error message,the below are the possible causes. So please kindly check ,and help resolve them before adding new User at the registered device....
Where can we download the sample files of AMS reports?
Please kindly check the attached file about the screenshot files captured from AMS reports.
We had some questions about the AMS DB.Inside AMS Event Logs table,there are 3 timestamps,can you explain what did they mean?
Please kindly check the below information,and the attached file as an example.   TIMESTAMPS : the standard time UTC of event logs received from the reader/terminal LOCALTIMESTAMP: the conver...
When I viewed the Event Logs,why there is a ID-Unknown event displayed?
Regarding this issue,it is due to the client has enable AMS [Auto-IN/OUT] function under AMS [System Configuration]page. So when the registered device fails to communicate with AMS server ,the registe...
Is there any way we can change the DB name in the AMS control panel DB setup?
Please follow the below steps to setup the AMS DB.     1.Login to AMS [Database Configuration] page 2.Under [Database Type],please select [MySQL] first.Once done,you will be able to see ...
How to backup a full AMS SQL database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio software?
Please follow the below step-by-step instructions.   1.Run SQL Server Management Studio software and connect to the SQL server.    2.Expand Databases.   3.Right-click on the AMS database you would lik...
May we have the steps about how to migrate the AMS from the existing AMS server to another new AMS backup one?
1.       Install the same AMS version at another new AMS backup Server/PC.   Note: Please help provide the PO no. or PO file about the purchase of AMS licenses for another new AMS backup Server. Also,...
After enable device's DDNS, now we can access the device from internet .How will the device sync. with the AMS to push the data?
It will depen
Can you explain why in the AMS terminal list page ,the Reg. user Column is showing 1000/3000,but the actual registered user in the DB is 1553/3000?
For your information, the Reg. user column info.under AMS terminal list page will only be updated when there was a data changed at the registered device e.g.update user name or add new users etc. &nb...
When I tried to run AMS Access Apps under Google Chrome,it was showing "Chrome is no longer supported by silver light, due to restrictions in the browser"? What can I do?
Please check the below link from Microsoft website about how to deal with this issue.   Microsoft Silverlight may not work in recent versions of Google Chrome  
When trying to configure AMS with MySQL database,we got "Error: Unknown database 'test'".How can we resolve this error to finish AMS MySQL database configuration?
Issue: When trying to configure AMS with MySQL database,we got "Error: Unknown database 'test'". Step-by-step solution:
How to install SQL Server 2012 Express Edition
Please kindly check the attached file for more information.
Where can I download SQL 2008 Express version for AMS?
Please kindly referred to the attached file for more information. 
AMS Anti-Pass Back Group
Anti-Pass Back Group.  Introduce a new "APB Group" to have different APB settings. With new APB Groups,  AMS can concurrently set to Disable APB for one APB Group A,  Anti-Pass back
AMS Health Risk Assessment
Health Risk Assessment.   The AMS Health risk assessment (HRA) aggregate data is used by employers and wellness providers to understand the health risks of the o
AMS Facial Finger Print Self-Enrollment (Remote Enrollment)
AMS Facial Finger Print Self-Enrollment  (Remote Enrollment)   Accurately enrolling and verifying a person’
AMS Enhance Security Settings
Enhance Security Settings for AMS Establishes AND Enhanced security settings that define how users browse the AMS via a Web browser and interact with AMS.
How to upload IN/OUT attendance events to a log (Text) file by AMS
AMS Attendance Events Log to File Setting  Log management has become one of the biggest use cases for big data solutions and integrations. AMS now allows the customer to save the IN/OUT attendance eve...
AMS Payroll API Setting
  AMS Payroll integration means connecting your AMS API with a QuickBook / Tsheet payroll online software API, Which you use to manage your workforce Time Sheets. In other words: Synchronizing AMS and...
How to Set up Auto-Forwarding Host Name or IP address to access the Access Manager
Set up Auto-Forwarding Host Name or IP Address to Access Manager  1. 

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