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Do you have any quick guide about how to install Access Manager Suite?



  * O.S.:Windows 7 pro. SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 or above version was required.

  * .Net Framework: .Net 3.5.1 Framework features enable ready. Also,.Net Framework 4.0 was installed ready.See below.

  * IIS :7.0 or above version was installed ready.See below.

  * MS SQL server was installed ready.See below.

--Please also install Microsoft .Net 4.0 if not present on your computer (link)

--Please install IIS at your Windows O.S. . See the below download link.

  * IIS Installation Notes for Windows O.S. (link)

--Download and install MS SQL Express 2008.See the below download link.

  * How To Install MS SQL Express 2008 (link)

Note:Please note down the password for User 'sa' during the instillation.


1. Go to Control Panel - > Programs - > Programs & Features - > Turn Windows features on or off. Under Internet Information Services(IIS) check all the boxes including the sub category boxes except FTP. Click OK to install IIS.


Or See below as an example.

2. If you had installed Skype,please run SKYPE. Then go to TOOLS - > Options - > Advanced - > Connection and UNCHECK the option for “USE PORT 80 AND 443 FOR ADDITIONAL INCOMING CONNECTIONS” 

3. Go to Start Menu and search for IIS and open the IIS Manager.Click on the START button on the top right corner. Then Select View Application Pool.Then double click on the DEFAULTAPPPOOL and change the .NET FRAMEWORK VERSION to v4.0 and click OK.

4. Double check 'setup.exe' file to install Access Manager Suite ,and once its installed, the browser will open automatically with this address : http://localhost/AccessManager/


5. Enter the  'Activation key' .(***Please check with the local vendor or contact us via email with the AMS Product Key,and the Sales Order no..***)

6. Log into AMS ( User name: admin and Password: 1)

7. Select CONTROL PANEL from the menu on top and select DATABASE CONFIG and fill in the fields per below and click SETUP.

Note:The Database server address can be taken from the SQL Server. The database name can be  user-defined. The user name and password have to be the same as the SQL Server login. 



8.Once the database was setup,you can continue to finish the [Server Setup] followed by the screen description to enter the AMS group name,TimeZone,and also the Magic String needed to enter for the event logs decryption.

9.Continue following the AMS User Manual. (link)  & quick notes article (link)

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