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When Users try to access the device,the device is showing "Unauthorized" rejection? Why ?

Please kindly check the below troubleshooting steps for the "Unauthorized" rejection issue.
If the User sees an “Unauthorized”  error message when trying to accessing the specific device, it is because the User does not have a proper Access Group ,and the Access Right permission setting to access the device.
As for the default  Access Group setting of the User,it  is the 'General/General Staff'  which has  24/7 Access Right permission settings to allow to access the device.
In this case,please double check the User's  'Access Group' and its relevant Access rights settings first for the specific device, and make sure that it has the 'enable permission' to access the device.See below as an example.
If the device is registered with AMS already,please kindly Login to AMS [View/Edit Access Right]page .and also the [View/Edit User]page to verify the Access Group/Access Right settings for the User.
And also make sure that the User's Access Group is assigned to the proper one which its Access Rights permission is able to access the specific device.See below as an example.



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