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How to connect 3G modem to ACTA3?


Step 1. Open the back side's cover of 3G modem,and then insert the SIM card with 3G/4G data plan enable into the SIM slot.

Step 2. The 3G modem will automatically detect the ISP Telecom ,and dial-up to connect to Internet via 3G/4G mobile network.

Step 3. Connect ACTA3 to the 3G modem via RJ-45 LAN cable .

Step 4.Login to ACTA3 console ,and then enable DHCP function to obtain the IP address assigned by the 3G modem. e.g. 

Once done,you can disable ACTA3's  DHCP function to make it become fixed IP address.

Sep 5.Turn on your laptop's WiFi, and then search for the SSID name of 3G modem e.g.Minirouter to connect to it.

Step 6.Once your laptop was connected to the 3G modem via wireless connection, you can open the browser ,and then Login to 3G modem's webpage (e.g. to check the 3G/4G connection status,and also other network setting like the setting of your router.


Step 7. Now you can also Login to ACTA3's webpage e.g. to register the device with Access Manager under [Access Client Setup] page  or enter the end-point URL of Agent server under [Terminal List] page to push ,and sync. data with the back-end database.

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