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When I accessed the device,I got the 'No User Record' message.What does it mean?


For those Users who got the "No User Record" message after accessing the device,it means that his/her finger can not be recognized properly at the device. The possible cause was due to his/her FingePrint image may not be considered as good image when converting to FingerPrint template files to be used for FP authentication.See the attached file as an example.




1.Try to re-enroll one of those User's FP again at the device's console menu. During the FP enrollment,please try to use the other ONE Finger three times . After that,please try to access the device again.

2.Login to device's [Terminal Setup] to change the FingerPrint security level (for AutoMatch) to 'Low".After that,please try to access the device again.

3.Login to device's [View User List] page to click the User ID to modify the User's FingerPrint security level (for ID-Match) to "Low". .After that,please try to access the device again.


If the above solution did not work,the possible reason for the FP rejection (No User Record) message was due to the User's bad FP image.See the attached file as an example.  

security_level.jpg security_level.jpg
id-match.jpg id-match.jpg
good_bad_image.jpg good_bad_image.jpg

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