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Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID‑19,can we use alcohol to clean ACTAtek device after User access the device? Article not rated yet
Yes, the administrator can use 99% alcohol to clean ACTAtek device, including plastic case, acrylic panel, buttons and the prism of FP scanner after every time the User access the device. 
When I accessed the device,I got the 'No User Record' message.What does it mean? Article not rated yet
For those Users who got the "No User Record" message after accessing the device,it means that his/her finger can not be recognized properly at the device. The possible cause was due to his/her FingePr...
What is the specification of ACTAtek MiFare card? Article not rated yet
ACTAtek part no. : MIFARE™ ACTA-MF-1K-C-W Frequency : 13.56MHz Protocol : ISO14443A Unique ID : 32 bits E
The list of Smart Cards that ACTAtek Smart Card model can support Article not rated yet
Why do I always get a "Bad Quality" message during FingerPrint enrollment? Article not rated yet
If the Users have exceptionally dry or chapped fingers, and the ACTAtek fingerprint scanner cannot accurately get a reading on FingerPrint image, it will display the "Bad Quality" message.   I...
Why does the device's FingerPrint scanner scan erratically when no one accessed the device? Article not rated yet
One possible reason to this would be the surface is dirty and require cleaning.Check and see if there is any residue left on the finger print lens. Sometimes a dirty finger print may result in such be...
Our client received the new purchased units,they would like to know what the field depth is on the CMOS camera? Can you advise? Article not rated yet
The device's built-in CMOS camera is like other normal analogue CCTV camera that it can be used to take a picture ,and also output  a
Would you please provide step by step quick guide to enroll RFID Smart Card? Article not rated yet
To enroll a new user and to associate them with a RFID smart card, please follow the below steps:
We use the cross over cable for directly connecting the device to the pc to access the web UI. But during deployment do they still need a cross over cable or a straight cable will suffice? Article not rated yet
The cross cable connection was used for the troubleshooting purpose in case of there was a network issue reported at the device under the client's network environment. In real case,the device is just...
I had enable the device's DDNS setting correctly,but I still can not access the device via the signup DDNS host name. What should I do? Article not rated yet
       From the below attached screenshot file,you had enabled the device's DDNS setting correctly. But now there was one step missing which it was about how to re-direct the...
What is the size of the logo file? Article not rated yet
Yes,the logo file's size is "288 x 60" in JPEG format.
What are the differences between ACTA-1K-P-SM and ACTA-1K-P-SMa model? Article not rated yet
ACTA-1K-P-SM ( Mifare Card Reader, 1k users,MiFare model)   For any ACTAtek device model code ending with "SM" meaning
Please advise the difference between the 2 Ethernet cables provided in the ACTA3 retail box. One is white/grey, the other is black. Both are Cat 5’s. Article not rated yet
  The White/Grey CAT5 Cable is straight through cable. The Black CAT5 Cable is a cross-over cable.
How can I make ACTA3 device become Wireless connection? Article not rated yet
We do offer a wireless adapter or 3G modem(also support WiFi adapter) which you can find more information at:
How to convert 26 Bit Format(H10301 ) HID proximity card S/N read by ACTAtek device? Article not rated yet
The printed 26bits (H10301 format) HID prox. CSN showed at the card is 
What is the output of ACTAtek video signal? Article not rated yet
The video output of ACTAtek outputs a standard ,and non-compress analog video signal. Before shipping out the ACTAtek device, we test every unit by connecting it to a standard surveillance monitor (us...
Could you please confirm the size of the DC power jacks for ACTAtek device? Article not rated yet
It is the standard "3.5 x 1.35mm DC plug" for ACTAtek device.    
What is the PoE class of ACTA3's built-in PoE module ? Article not rated yet
The PoE Powered Device (PD) power classification of Acta3 is class 3.See below.  
Why the device's Date/Time was not correct after the power failure? Article rated 5.0/5.0
In order to meet the US/EU RoHS compliance equipment,the ACTAtek3 device's battery type which holds the date and time data is a capacitive type battery. If the device was switched on for a few days,...
How to access the ACTA3 from Internet? Article not rated yet
Yes,the client can enable "the port forwarding function" of  their ADSL router if they did not have the fixed public IP .
What is the maximum distance for power and data when using ACTA3 PoE model? Article not rated yet
Please kindly check the below link from Google search results page for your reference.
How to change the device's ACTA3 Logo with our company one? Article not rated yet
The size of Logo file was  "288 x 60"  in JPEG format. Please kindly refer to the attached file about how to apply the device's Logo patch file to change the Logo.    
May we know what data allowance and internet speed is required for ACTA3 to be connected? Article not rated yet
For the ACTAtek device did not have media to do live transfer through Internet such as the streaming TV, Youtube, or online game , there will be no special requirements for the device's Internet conne...
How to enable the device's DDNS setting? Article not rated yet
First of all,the client will need to sign up  a DDNS account . After that,the client will have the below Login details to be entered into the device's DDNS page. And then click [Submit] ...
Steps to connect ACTA3 remotely from public network using web browser or Android phones/Tabs. Article not rated yet
Please kindly check the attached file for more information.
What is the technical specification for ACTA3's built-in CMOS ? Article not rated yet
Are you able to advise if there is any way how a user was deleted off a terminal? Be it from the terminal, from web portal or via sync options? Article not rated yet
Please Login to device's [Authentication/Log Setup] page to enable the "User and Audit Log" function.                After that,in the future,for any...
There are many event showing "Bottom case is detached/attached" and no idea what is happening. Could you Please advise ? Article not rated yet
Regarding the below issue,it was due to the device's back side tamper switch button was not firmly pressed with the wall mounting bracket.   And then the device will generate the system log ent...
Can we show the User's picture at terminal's LCD screen when he/she accessed the terminal? Article not rated yet
The device did not show the User's picture at  terminal's LCD screen which is against privacy policy in certain countries. 
What is the specification of ACTA3 EM card? Article not rated yet
    Model no.:ACTA-EM-4100-ISO     Operation Frequency : 125Khz     Standard : EM4100 compatible     Memory: 64k byte read only     Read range: 5  cm     Color:White     Material:PVC     Operation Tem...
ACTA3 Formatter quick guide Article not rated yet
Please kindly check the attached file for more information.
How do the FingerPrint templates scan and save at the device to prevent them from the decryption? Article not rated yet
ACTAtek Fingerprint device uses the advanced CMOS sensor technology with the precise optical system to deliver high quality fingerprint image. During the Users' Fingerprint enrollment,the finger is i...
Is it possible to allow certain people to open the door ? And also,everyone can still do th time attendance without opening the door. Article not rated yet
Please kindly check the below step-by-step instructions about how to configure the device's door strike#1 under [emergency mode] to support it.     1.Login to device's [Terminal Setup]pag...
The device's keypad can support A,B,C alphabets only.How do we make it work for other alphabets? Article not rated yet
If needed,the work around solution is to covert the alphabets into numeric such as below.   A ---> 1 B ---> 2 C----> 3 ...... W---->23 X----> 24 Y ---->25 Z ---->26 ...
How to delete the old event logs data to help improve the speed? Article not rated yet
****Please do the system backup before doing the deletion.**** Please Login to device's [View Event Log] page,and then choose the period of data to be deleted.
What is the specification of security torx wrench Allen Key? Article not rated yet
It is T9.
What is the cable length of ACTAtek device's wiegand output that can work with the 3rd party controller? Article not rated yet
300 feet if using AWG18 (approx 1mm) signal wires. We don't recommend UTP cable, please use shielded, non twisted
How to convert the printed EM card number to match device's card S/N? Article not rated yet
The printed EM card number is 5054304 .  ACTAtek device  reads EM card number is l65004D1F60.   Steps: 1.The prefix "l" is the pre-fix character (small letter L) of EM card . 2."65" is the batch numbe...
May we know which thread type of the screwdriver that is used to fix the ACTAtek device to its wall mounting back plate? Article not rated yet
Yes,it is T10 Torx Security Screwdriver.  
How to convert HID proprietary 37 Bit format (H10302) proximity card S/N read by ACTAtek device? Article not rated yet
For example, the card number printed at the 37bit (H10302 format) HID proximity  card is 11500003121      ACTAtek device's Event Logs remark field showed the card number is j0000055AE83E63.        ( "...
How to use the latest Firefox browser version to browse ACTA3 webpage via HTTPS? Article not rated yet
1.Please download and install the latest Firefox browser version from below link.   2.Please enter 'about:config' under the address bar, and then clic
How to capture FingerPrint User's image to help troubleshoot a good or a bad FP image? Article rated 5.0/5.0
1.Please clean the surface of the device's FingerPrint sensor.   2.Login to the physical device's console menu, and then go to [User Management] page to select  [Capture FP] function to put the enroll...

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