Acta3 Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Device

Acta3 Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Device

Biometric Fingerprint Device

A biometric fingerprint recognition device is an electronic device used to capture a computerized picture of the fingerprint design. The captured picture is known as a live scanned image. This live output is digitally prepared to make a biometric format (an accumulation of extricated components) which is stored and utilized for matching. Numerous technologys have been utilized including optical, capacitive, RF, warm, piezoresistive, ultrasonic, piezoelectric, this is an outline of a portion of the all the more usually utilized fingerprint sensor advancements.

Offers keypad PIN (Password) and Biometric Fingerprint Authentication choices, the Jakin ID FingerPrint unit are utilized as a part of both security (access control) and workforce management applications.

  • Embedded Web server for simple access by means of any browser.
  • Encrypted system communication.
  • Optional implicit CMOS/Video camera for Video Surveillance (view system diagram file)

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