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5G and Biometrics RFID IoTs for access control and workforce management

We all crave for real-time information, witness everyone heads down browsing their phones bumping into lamp posts! With the upcoming installation of 5G networs allowing instant download of videos and

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IoT Biometric Cloud Based Access Control Solutions

The picture that comes into the vast majority's minds when considering access control systems is somebody offering identification up to a card reader to open an entryway or discharge an obstruction

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Biometric Cloud Based Workforce Management Solutions

To reiterate, most enterprises might be using a simple paper or card time clock for staff time attendant which will entail tedious manual work processes to eventually end up with the payroll for each

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Best IoT Company

Started by a team of hi-tech professionals with wide range of experiences in semiconductors, RFID, software and cloud development, embedded devices and manufacturing in 2001. We are the only

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