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IoT devices and accessories

Our flagship Actatek series come with the following built-in options: a Key Pad, different RFID card readers (HiD, Mifare, EM, DesFire, CEPAS and more), facial, and fingerprint recognition; other features include: CMOS camera, POE, Wi-Fi, IP intercom, GPS and 3G modules.

a. The IoTs supports barcode, QR code, and magnetic stripe cards with an additional software patch by connecting readers to the Com port on the back of the device.
b. The Actatek’s physical enclosure protects from physical tampering, water damage, and is shock resistant.
c. All units can deliver a 12VDC at max 400 mA for the door strike.
d. Our Actatek devices use TLS 1.3 256-bit encryption.

Multiple Actatek IoTs can either form a master/client configuration with one of the IoT being the master with control of all other units or AMS controlled to be administered anywhere using any web-browser.

1. The Actatek works without the need of a traditional controller or cabling; safe from any power outages.
2. For a simplified experience, manage your Actatek devices using our built-in web application. View device status, get SMS alerts, add new users, manage event logs, get daily reports and attendance reports.

We also have an entry level IP Smart Card Reader, supporting other RFID functions.

Fingerprint sensor cover

ACTAtek Temsen

Biometrics IoTs

Acta4 Smartcard – MIFARE®

Acta4 Smartcard – EM

Acta4 Smartcard – HID iClass

Acta4 Smartcard – HID Proximity

Acta4 Smartcard – SiR (UHF reader support)

Acta4 Smartcard – CEPAS

Barcode Units

Mobile Unit

IP Smartcard Reader – MIFARE®

IP Smartcard Reader – EM

IP Smartcard Reader – HID iClass


IP Smartcard Reader – HID Proximity


Access Manager Suite




Smart Time

External I/O board


Uninterupted Power Supply (UPS)

ADA compliance mounting bracket

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

EM Lock

Magnetic Strip Reader

Optical Barcode reader

Barcode Slot Reader

Door Strike

Contactless Push Button

Exit Push Button

Break Glass

RFID UHF Long Range Integrated Reader

Stationary long range reader

Stationary long range reader (High Sensitivity)

Passive long range reader

UHF Combo Card

UHF card

UHF Vehicle Tag

Quick Contact