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Our devices utilize the cloud for a global connection; while still free to operate on its own and offline.

“Installations from SME to Fortune 500 companies”

On the Job Use: From doors, gates, turnstiles, car park barriers etc, regardless it’s for the properties deposit box, access control, video surveillance or integration with all of them. It can be installed to suit all businesses.

Stand-alone Installation: Plug this IoT device into your network, connecting to the electric door strike which can also be powered by the device if needed. Simply use any web-browser, similar to internet banking, to manage users, browse reports and device administration etc


SME with multiple doors : Create a Master/Client Set Up. Connect up to 10 units within your network without any computers. All user attributes and event logs are synchronized to the Master unit.

Enterprises with multi-sites, multi-buildings: All units integrated into one easy to manage AMS cloud platform with both applications. The AMS takes care of everything!

Integration with Third Parties database and software

a. Our SOAP based API/SDK allows integration to Oracle, SQL, SAP, Azure SQL, Google Drive etc.

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Video Surveillance :

Utilize a CMOS camera, with IoT connectivity, outputting video to both a monitor and DVR for recording. We also offer ID-Video software which takes a recording before and after each authentication as part of the event log.

IP Intercom

The ACTAtek also has IP intercom compatibility, allowing you to speak through the device through a mobile device.

Perimeter Control

The IoT connection can be used to control entry points.

Visitor Management

All visitors can be issued with temporary credentials with access time frames through RFID cards, biometrics or PIN.


Our IoTs can output event logs directly to Google Cloud for payroll integration.

Workforce Management

Time Attendant -For standalone units, there are time attendance reports available including total working hours. You can use our free TA software for general time attendance applications managing 10s of IoTs; other features include the creation of time attendance reports, shift management, and job-codes to suit the needs of large enterprises.

Smart Time

Smart Time is a full-featured enterprise level Time and Attendance software incorporating labour cost management and job rostering facilities into one solution. Smart Time converts the raw data into useful information for managers to make decisions.

  • MS SQL Server Support with database backup/export capacities.
  • Smart Time Management Decision Support instrument permits organizations to arrange and actualize their workforce more adequately and effectively.
  • Thorough Time Attendance reports and point by point rundown.