Enterprise-wide solution in Labour Cost and Workforce Management Solutions

Enterprise-wide solution in Labour Cost and Workforce Management Solutions

Labour Cost Workforce Management Solutions

Jakin ID SmartTime Workforce Management Solutions

Jakin ID Smart Time, a full included enterprise level Time and Attendance software incorporating labour cost management and occupation rostering offices in one solution. Jakin ID Smart Time changes over the crude information into valuable data for administrators to decide.
Jakin ID Smart Time has an AWARD INTERPRETER already built in. This award mediator honours the right pay rules i.e stipends, hours of OT, OT type, work day rules; shifting rules so that the worked hours are always given the right payouts. This award interpreter also does holidays norms, shift type.
At the point when the roster is created automatically, the shift designs all pull in various pay rules e.g. allowance. In most TA systems this recompense translator is absent. In the long run administrator client should tick off or include the compensation manages physically which can be in blunder because of human interaction.


Different supervisors require distinctive reports

HR will require Time Attendance Reports, Leave and HR Reports
Financial Controllers will require Labour Cost Reports
HR, Financial and Operational supervisors will require Business Analysis Reports

Every class of reports particularly has their quality to the particular client and this is secured by the intricate reports of Jakin ID Smart Time.

Time keeping

Jakin ID Smart Time managed by exemption…. it examines the actual time keeping information versus the arrangement and prompts 6 special cases for each employee:-

  • Match
  • Inadequate
  • Absence
  • Critical
  • Unknown
  • Unplanned Overtime

This disposes of the administrator user to do manual examination of all the time keeping of the employee against his arrangement program. Administrator client needs to check, right and make a move on the special cases aside from MATCH.

Jakin ID Smart Time examines all the Time Keeping in short steps:-

1. Setting up Database, Award Interpreter (just needs to change when pay rules change).
2. Consequently produces the Roster – Manual alter is additionally accessible.
3. Approval of the Time Keeping Reports.
4. Reports are automatically produced.

This is presumably the most proficient approach to oversee time attendance. It kills the superfluous procedure connected with manual alters, manual rostering, manual endorsement and manual era of reports.

Jakin ID’s labour cost management system has a demonstrated reputation for lessening labour costs while diminishing employee turnover by remunerating effectiveness, quality and security. With these propelled labour scheduling and work following devices you can meet expanding requests for omni-channel operations arranging.

Jakin ID’s Workforce Management Solutions and Software can be established enterprise-wide. Though the special softwares are commonly used in the areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Service Lifecycle Management etc. Jakin ID’s Access Control Solutions helps saving time and gives more effeciency.


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