Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance System

JakinID ID-Video

Video Surveillance System is for monitoring the activities and behavior usually of people for the security purpose. It includes the observation of any particular area by the means of an electronic medium for example CCTV cameras. In the Jakin ID’s ID Management Platform, ID-Video is offered as the next extension. Jakin ID’s ID-Video solutions combine the biometric authentication with video surveillance which is first time in industry.

The Jakin ID’s IP cameras are used for providing the video surveillance for the doors, which are protected by Jakin Id Units. Each authentication that takes place, whether it’s successful or not, that is time stamped on the video stream. ID-Video’s event log offers us to let us display immediately the authentication attempt, just at the click of a button.

Search with ID, time, date, entry door and many other options that are available to security director & HR to make sure of who entered at what time and from which door. Tail-gaiting and all other misuse with authentication system will be immediately captured and will be available for review.

The diagram here shows how ID-Video solution should be used in a security and time attendance application that is consisting of JakinID ID-Video Surveillance System Suite and also a range of HD/IP cameras.

The Jakin ID’s ID-video software suite provides many features, which includes 24/7 video wall, 2-D mapping of camera and real time event log updating & Jakin ID unit placement.


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