This is a guideline for ordering Actatek products to meet your needs:
  1. For Acta3 devices:
    The Acta3 has following part numbers:
    1. This is for NON- fingerprint models, ACTA3-XK-P-YYY-C-P where X is number of thousand users i.e 1, 3, 5 thousands; YYY is the type of smart card, SM for mifare, Hp is for HID proximity etc, C is for camera- P is for POE.
    2. For fingerprint models, ACTA3-XK-FLI-YY-C-P, FLI denotes fingerprint, the connotations for the rest is same as above


  2. For External IP-ReadersACTA3-XK-ERYYY-IP, the connotation is same as ACTA3 but without the camera nor POE options


  3. Accessories, please refer to price list.