Workforce Management Solutions

Biometric Cloud Based Workforce Management Solutions!


Most enterprises might be using a simple paper or card time clock for staff time attendant which will entail tedious manual work processes to eventually end up with the payroll for each employee. The hidden cost on this is huge without even considering all the possible manual mistakes and cost.

This can simply be replaced using a biometric based workforce management solution. Employees are can be authenticated by fingerprint, facial, RFID card, PIN and also have their picture taken when authenticated, or a combination of all these methods. In particular, using biometrics will prevent buddy punching i.e. punching for another colleague, or ghost workers!

Further more, there are many advantages in having a biometric cloud based workforce management solutions especially combined with a biometric RFID IoT as the time clock:

  • From simple to multi-factor authentication to meet all your various security needs for different doors.
  • The cloud database can be anywhere and not on premises in case of fire or explosion.
  • Scalable by simply adding biometric RFID IoT readers without worrying about cablings and other hardware and software costs.
  • Real-time PSIM and workforce management data.
  • Easy integration with any existing enterprise level databases and applications.
  • Periodic update of software for the O.S., security and application software to keep the solution current.
  • Lastly, maintenance and support over the web reducing the traditional on-site.