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Payroll Management Solution

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Jakin ID and Thinking Software are in collaboration to offer businesses a complete HR solution that makes allowance for all the workforce management, payroll solutions and security system needs. Using Jakin ID’s SOAP API SDK, Thinking Software Company integrated their ROTA HORIZON application with the help of Jakin ID’s Management platform.

Rota Horizon is flexible and scalable workforce management solution. Regardless of the nature and size of your business, It can help you meet the difficulties and challenges of of an effective manpower planning.

Save your precious time and money with Jakin ID’s HR software and payroll management solutions. It’s a combination of reliability with accuracy; we are intending to give a risk free solution, to your payroll needs.


Plan and Manage Employees

  • Unique multiple pay rates, contract rules, holiday plan and many more are been assigned to the employees.
  • “Employee year view” which is built in, provides an overall summary of an employee’s working time and absence history.
  • Arrangement ahead of time of spending plan expenses and office rota, know who has arranged absence early to adjust situations rapidly.
  • Rota Horizon’s Demand-Scheduling Module permits on interest planning permits you to arrange your assets effectively by allotting workers to regions that necessities consideration most.

Integration with Jakin ID for Access Control

The Rota Horizon arrangement can coordinate with Jakin ID Access Control solutions to merge time and expenses to make the complete HR payroll management system and solutions for your business.

  • Time & Attendance Reports – Rota Horizon can rapidly mechanize estimations on representatives to guarantee they’re working inside their contracted hours.
  • Accurate Payroll Cost Forecasts – Real-time connection to Jakin ID’s Access Control Systems permits you to make finance gauges in seconds.
  • Occasion Planning and Absence Control – Real-time connection to Jakin ID’s Access Control Systems permits you to make finance gauges in seconds.
  • Jakin ID SOAP API technology – Allows consistent similarity to trade and execute information from the terminals to Rota Horizon.

Payroll Management Facilities with Pay-Link Module

Thinking Software’s Pay-Link module permits exchange of Time Attendance and HR information into Payroll programs permitting managers to spare time and expanded accuaracy.

  • Rota Horizon’s Pay-Link module permits simple incorporation with numerous prevalent payroll items available today.
  • Thinking Software’s MAKE-MY-PAY innovation permits up to the moment programmed exchanges of payroll and HR information to wherever it needs to go.
  • Pay-Link can without much of a stretch import and fare representative subtle elements to assemble all hours worked and current pay rates, sparing administrator time and expanded information precision.

Reporting Facilities

Rota Horizon can deliver a tremendous scope of clear, brief reports that examinations indispensable data about your business and the general population that work in it.

  • Rota Horizon’s Report Scheduler can be arranged to automatically deliver selected reports by email to a rundown of approved clients.
  • Scope of reports with clear and brief explanatory points of interest of business and representative execution.


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