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Located in Kent, the Garden of England, Mansfields is one of the largest growers and packers of top, stone and soft fruit with over 40 years’ experience. The family run business is the UK’s biggest apple grower and largest UK cherry grower, whilst also growing pears, plums and strawberries in significant volumes for the trade.

  • Mansfields hires approximately of up to 200 people on site per shift.
  • Shifts alternate frequently and require lots of daily transactions from the users.
  • Mansfields required a Time Attendance solution that can cater to high transaction loads and have preventative measures to combat against problems of “buddy punching” where employees may pass on their details to clock in despite not being on the site.

Jakin ID in conjunction with Thinking Software solutions have provided the following solution for Mansfields:

  • 8x Jakin ID Biometric Fingerprint terminals were installed on site.
  • Biometric fingerprint technology for accurate and secure user authentication.
  • Web base technology allows the transaction logs to be remotely accessed in virtually any location in the World with WAN connection.
  • LAN connectivity from the Jakin ID unit’s easy connectivity allows multiple site installations with unified data synchronisation that reduces administration time and unnecessary additional costs.
  • Thinking Software provided their software to integrate with the Jakin ID hardware – Thinking Software Rota Horizon human resource solution.
  • Transaction logs are gathered from the terminals and are processed by software to generate employee reports and payroll calculations.
  • Logs are synchronised to the 8x Jakin ID Biometric Fingerprint terminals using AMS solution.

Mansfields are constantly supported by Thinking Software and Jakin ID for any technical queries and difficulties they may have encountered and are currently satisfied with their Time Attendance solution.

Both ACTAtek and AMS management solutions are implemented for access control and workforce management which save purchasing, operational and maintenance costs instead of running two separate access control systems and time clocks.

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