5G and Biometrics RFID IoTs for access control and workforce management

5G and Biometrics RFID IoTs for access control and workforce management

We all crave for real-time information, witness everyone heads down browsing their phones bumping into lamp posts! With the upcoming installation of 5G networs allowing instant download of videos and data worldwide in next few year, we will see an explosion of IoTs not just for the widely available IoT sensors for industrial applications and simple devices such as doorbells, and heating controls for the households. We will see home appliance, fridges, air-cons even kettles turning into IoTs as well as all other electronic devices including your cars!

For the enterprise market, we should see a merge of the door access card readers and time clocks become a single IoT device giving the end users real-time information and control both for access control and time attendance to a full-blown workforce management solution. There’s no reason why an organization should be using two separate devices running on two different networks not talking to each other and proximity based. The cost of managing the two devices and networks by two teams, IT and security, and laying out a separate network for readers and control panels occupying expensive real estates especially in the top cities, instead of using a device on the existing IT network can be prohibitive, not to mention the on-going on-site rather than online maintenance! The cost saving could better be utilized for other business activities driving more sales and profits giving better ROI.

With a biometrics, RFID, IoT at your door, you will have an all-in-one device for video surveillance, access control and time clock giving you instant notifications such as when a maintenance engineer arriving at a remote critical depot for service by SMS/email/social media notifications! No more buddy-punching and ghost workers as users are authenticated by either single or multifactor biometrics authentication. You can shut down your warehouse just before stock take whilst lying on the beach! You can open the door for your online shopping deliveries. In the event of unfortunate accidents and incidents, such as an explosion in a remote factory, you would know how many people in that building. All these are just the obvious benefits of having an IoT at your front door not to mention now you would have all the data in your server database for the world of Big Data analytics!

Jakin ID( www.jakinid.com), is a pioneer in design and development of its flagship Actatek biometrics, RFID IoT devices and cloud solutions for access control and workforce management with worldwide installations in Fortune 500 companies, governments and leading institutions.

Thomas Wan

April 2019