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AMS Software
What are the Basic Hardware & Software Requirements for AMS server?
AMS & ACTAtek Firmware compatibility information
Do you have the quick notes about the AMS software installation ,and the device registration steps?
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What are the steps for the migration from the on-premises AMS to the AMS SaaS?
How to Create New Domain for a New Customer in SaaS AMS
What are the Basic Hardware & Software Requirements for SaaS AMS server?
AMS Desktop Enrollment software
Where can we download the DE software installation and user manual file?
After clicking 'Start FingerPrint Scan',an error message shows that Enrollment process failed.Error description:The frame source device is not connected.How to resolve the error?
Smart Time
Where can I download the Smart Time presentation file?
Where can I download Smart Time demo version and User Manual file?
At [Time keeping] ,in 'Details View',I want to know what is the difference between Hours Worked and Regular Hours Worked and how did the Over Time calculate?
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Where can I download the ID-Video brochure file?
Gold Finger
Gold Finger with Logi Print USB Scanner Technical Overview
Gold Finger Software Installation Quick Setup Gide.

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