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When you have people, product and information to keep secure, you can’t afford cutting corners. At Jakin ID we have developed a suite of fingerprint access control solutions designed to manage all your data and security. Whether your business is big or small, we have the best solution for you according to your need. Discover the power of biometrics RFID access control system designed having open architecture standard and developed to make the most efficient use of your security investments.

Door access is the most critical function in all the facilities, the purpose is either safety or security; to know about who is trying to leave or enter from the facility is becoming very important in all the businesses.

The key element of all the authentication solutions is that they should be unique – confirming if the ID of the person who is attempting access or exit. In old times passwords were considered for authorizing a person but today biometric authentication is prerequisite of many businesses. If the biometric authentication is not practical because of the physical limitations or someone’s individual characteristics, then a record the occurring access event should be recorded and supported with images.

Jakin ID provides the best RFID Access Control System, having the combination of authentication options, software configuration and review, hardware choices to confirm communication continuity and secure operation.

The diagram here shows the complete access control solutions, that uses internet or network connectivity for delivering remote site control, reporting and monitoring. Jakin ID’s embedded web server feature allows the simple browser access to any Jakin ID unit, anywhere in the world. User registration and access rights can be set through browser or client/server application, via Jakin ID access manager.

Jakin ID provides all the essential access control solutions and infrastructure hardware options:

  • Jakin ID Combo unit
  • Jakin ID external reader
  • Jakin ID Secure Relay
  • Jakin ID UPS
  • Jakin ID wireless Gateway

The Jakin ID unit’s embedded application feature offers the secure internet access and makes management of the biometrics access control system very simple.

All data about who came in, who goes out, when they came, or which door was used- all the data will be available via web browser.
Data backup or restore/ remote door open operations can be accessed by the web browser.

Messages can also be left on the Jakin ID unit screen for the users, and again it is set via web browser.

The Jakin ID’s access manager client/server application can be updated in real time, it updates as when the event happen, or will get updated according to the time set by user. With its real time monitoring option, Jakin ID’s Access Control Services provides, security officers an option to monitor door events, and also to monitor ID and photo of individual person who is authenticating. All records are being stored in a selected database format.


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