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Case_MANAGEMENT_LIMITED_clip_image025Established since 1974, Hang Yick Properties Management Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henderson Land Development Company Limited that specializes in the property management industry in Hong Kong, China. Their Headquarters are based in the International Finance Center (2FC).

  • Approximately 2000 employees work for the company.
  • Needed a Time Attendance system that’s capable of coping with large volumes of transactions from their employees.
  • Also required an access control system for use at their main headquarters providing security against unauthorized access to the premises.
  • Previously used Motorola Card Readers for their Time Attendance and Access Control setup and wanted to upgrade to a more efficient system.
  • Preferred to have biometric fingerprint technology, citing better management potential and reduced administration in regards to issuing and setting up smart cards for its employees.



Jakin ID listened to Hang Yick’s requirements and offered them the following solution:

  • Multiple Jakin ID biometric Fingerprint Model with Jakin ID AMS solution installed on site.
  • Convenience of employees no longer requiring smart cards as all they need is their unique fingerprint to authenticate to go on site.
  • Jakin ID’s integrated biometric fingerprint technology prevents problems of “Buddy Punching” where employees may pass on their IDs to clock in despite not being present on the site.
  • Terminals are integrated with door lock mechanisms to prevent intruders accessing the site for Access Control.
  • Jakin ID AMS software allows senior managers to quickly analyse employee records and attendance reports.
  • Jakin ID’s AMS also allows report payroll integration to reduce administration times and utilise maximise productive efficiency.

Initially there were data synchronization issues during the early phases but was quickly dealt with and assisted by Jakin ID’s Technical Support team which was praised by Hang Yick for their quick and efficient support when needed. As a result, Hang Yick Properties Management Limited was highly satisfied with the system and would recommend it to others.

Moreover, the ACTAtek and AMS management solution for both access control and workforce management instead of two separate access control systems and time clocks save purchasing, operational and maintenance costs.


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