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Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited is a leading pan-Asian retailer. As of 30th June 2008, the Group and its associates operated over 4,359 outlets – including local supermarket chains, hypermarkets, health and beauty stores, convenience stores, home furnishings stores and restaurants.

  • Dairy Farm required a combination of both time attendance and access control systems.
  • Needed to cater 600+ users on the premises.
  • Dairy Farm wanted a system that is capable of logging all attendance records and event logs such as IN/OUT but in a manner where they can pool all this data easily and quickly.

Jakin ID provided Dairy Farm the following solution:

  • Jakin ID Mifare Smart Card Units with built in CMOS camera implemented.
  • CMOS Camera takes snapshot of each transaction per User access.
  • Jakin ID AMS connected to the Oracle 11i Database.
  • The site for the system installation is around 10,000 sq. ft. area on one whole floor at their office located in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.
  • Jakin ID implemented the Smart Card terminal and CMOS camera for their Time Attendance, and Access Control usage for shifting schedule and Payroll purpose of the employees together with their door access’s security needs.
  • Only Administrative and the Departments Heads are being given the authority to have the Super Administrative access to control the Jakin ID units.
  • Main building has TCP/IP network and all the Jakin ID units are assigned with designated the IP address so that the Administrator can use any PC browser.
  • Administrators can configure checking the Event Log In/Out of all the employees which are then sent to the Oracle Central Server for Payroll processing by Jakin ID AMS.
  • Jakin ID AMS provides synchronization of data to all the Jakin ID units on site and is pushed into the Oracle database on the server.

Dairy Farm was pleased with the way the installation and the new system were handled and recommends the system to others. No longer they have problems to trace their employee data and records and have the peace of mind of a unified access control system built into one solution, thus saving the company additional costs that may have occurred from other existing solutions on the market.

Overall, the ACTAtek and AMS management solution for both access control and workforce management instead of two separate access control systems and time clocks save a lot of purchasing, operational and maintenance costs for Dairy Farm.

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