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Following the handover to the PRC in 1999, the Government of Macau controls and administers key issues within the region, ranging from public transport, education, local legislation and economic & public finances.

  • Approximately over 2000 people working for the Government of Macau required a Time Attendance & Access Control system.
  • Needs to be compatible with their current payroll software.
  • Capable of capturing photos of each user when a transaction is made.

Solutions provided by Jakin ID:

  • Multiple Jakin ID Combination units with Biometric Fingerprint & Smart Card Technology installed for different departments such as the treasury and cultural dept.
  • Built in CMOS camera in Jakin ID terminals fits the Governments requirements of photo capturing for each user to match against existing employee database.
  • Jakin ID AMS implemented connecting on IP Network to their central database.
  • All units are registered, and managed by central AMS software.
  • Jakin ID AMS allows synchronisation of event logs to all the units on site saving time against individual enrolment on each terminal.
  • Jakin ID AMS Software allows easy management of user event logs and photo snapshots of each transaction.

Overall, the Government of Macau was pleased to see how easily Jakin ID’s Time Attendance and Access Control solution was able to fit into their existing system infrastructure, virtually requiring no changes to their existing backend software platform as a result which enables them to save time and costs from potentially having to install a completely new system and having to retrain its staff as a result. As a result, the Macau Government highly recommends our Jakin ID solution to others. And also, the ACTAtek and AMS management solution for both access control and workforce management instead of two separate access control systems and time clocks save purchasing, operational and maintenance costs.


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