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The Dynasty Club, based inside the Grand Hyatt hotel in Wan Chai, Hong Kong is an exclusive membership club that provides executive levels of amenities and recreational activities from active sports to relaxation sessions. They pride themselves in offering their members a completely unforgettable experience where they can enjoy themselves and unwind within its luxurious surroundings.

  • The Hyatt Dynasty Club needed a Time Attendance system that can cater for 150 of their staff.
  • Compatible with their existing human resource and payroll management system.


Jakin ID in partnership with CiF Solutions LTD provided them the following solution:

  • The biggest issue was compatibility to avoid installing a new system. Jakin ID’s Time Attendance solution allows seamless hardware & software compatibility with their existing HR & Payroll systems.
  • Combination of Jakin ID Fingerprint & Smart Card units was installed on site.
  • A built-in CMOS camera takes snapshots per transaction that gives administrators complete confidence in data accuracy and integrity.
  • Jakin ID TA Software solution allows work hours to be calculated and produce time attendance report reducing administration time.
  • Jakin ID TA provides detailed analysis of registered employees as well as their photos to compare each transaction made.

As compatibility was the forefront of this project, the Hyatt Dynasty Club was able to benefit from new technologies that the Jakin ID system offered yet was able to streamline their workforce management using their existing HRM and payroll applications.

Hyatt Dynasty Club was overall pleased by the response and support provided with the solution by Jakin ID and CiF Solutions LTD.



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